Syrias Vibes Art Auction

I’m really delighted to have contributed to the Syrias Vibes Art Auction in aid of victims of the ongoing war in Syria, a campaign that is part of the SCOOP Foundation, to which I’m proud to have contributed to in the past. A framed 18×12 inch print of my work ‘Rain Reflections’ was sold as part of this art auction featuring over 80 donated contemporary artworks at Bagots Hutton on Sunday 25th of March.The funds raised (€32,000!) will finance and expand Syrias Vibes psychology programme in Iraqi Kurdistan for at least the next 12 months and the money will also be used to support Heyva Sor A Kurd’s response to the IDP crisis in Afrin, north-east Aleppo in the form of medicines, medical equipment and other essentials aid. I’m so happy to have contributed!

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